About Cube Company


We’re different. Established in mid-2001, our company is vibrant and well experienced. Sure, we’re small, but we’re responsive and flexible. We don’t muck around, we like getting on with the job. Keeping our team small means we’re better equipped to be flexible and respond quickly to our client’s demands. Our team genuinely enjoys working together which means working towards a shared goal with our clients is a lot of fun.

We operate from a dynamic, team-based workplace. Based in Melbourne, over the past 15 years, we have provided architectural and design services for national clients throughout all states and territories in Australia on a fly-in, fly-out basis. Under this model, we have successfully completed complex projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Space Planning &
Occupancy Studies


Workplace &
Retail Design


Graphic Design
& Branding


We specialise in the design of corporate and commercial workplaces. We don’t try to be everything to everyone. This means we can focus on designing corporate workplaces really, really well. We understand the dynamic nature of the changing workplaces and the need for facility solutions to reflect and move with this change. We place a strong emphasis on ‘future-proofing’ our work designing with flexibility in mind so that working environments have the ability to change as the nature of doing business changes. We have a proven track record for smooth delivery of commercial interiors and workplaces for leading corporates which can be found on the following pages.

We listen. We enjoy building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We believe this helps us gain a stronger insight into the business needs and wants of our clients. We know each client is different. Every company will have different needs and each tenancy space has strengths and weaknesses, there is no ‘typical’ solution. Knowing this, we place a high importance on listening, really listening, to what our clients have to say. This ensures we can deliver our clients a truly personalised solution, something that meets their individual company needs and creates an improved working environment for all.

We value our relationships. We enjoy working with our clients to create solutions that support and enhance their business activities. We don’t change out our people – our clients have the confidence that the people they meet at the start of their project are the same people who will work with them throughout the duration of the journey from design concept through to completion. There is no ego at Cube, just happy, easy-going personalities. This, coupled with our commitment to our client’s satisfaction, means many clients become, happy, long-term clients.

We Deliver

We have a strong appreciation of the commercial aspects of design, facility planning and architecture. We understand time and budget constraints, and design and carry out our work accordingly.
We understand the critical nature of integrating all facets associated with the project including brand, technology, security, redundancy and risk and do not carry out our design in isolation. We are committed to providing functional design solutions for our clients and working closely with other consultants and builders to ensure their build-ability.

What we stand for

1. To operate with integrity & honesty
2. To provide a service which adds value to our clients’ business
3. To build & maintain ongoing working relationships with our clients through exceptional customer service
4. To efficiently deliver innovative, sustainable, high quality, efficient & practical design
5. To maintain a proactive approach to all aspects of our work
6. To strive for continuous improvement through ongoing research & development
7. To improve the quality of people’s lives through design.